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Introduction to Entry Moving
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※ The customs clearance relating to international move and the schedule required, please consult the branch in your area for details.
Guide for entry moving
Customs Clearance for entry moving │For details of import customs clearance, please consult your local branch.
  • Customs seal: It needs to apply for the customs and gets permission for home furnishing luggage import, so the customer needs to provide passport and original employment certificate.
  • Required Document : Passport, Employment permit
  • International move personnel groups: accredited personnel, diplomats, international students, etc. ( international move luggage has a certain limit for international students.)
  • Customs clearance required: business license, certificate of approval, tax certificate, incumbency certificate, proof of housing lease, etc.
  • Customs clearance time required: about 15 days (The time varies according to different cities. Please contact me in advance to determine the exact time.
  • Customs clearance way: the owner of cargo personally goes to the customs clearance, or our company agents customs clearance.
China Import tariff
  • Different from other countries, Chinese second-hand goods are charged the appropriate fee according to different service life.
  • Goods basis of assessment is approved based on "imported articles dutiable value table of People's Republic of China ", so there may be some discrepancy with the actual price, and the actual taxes will have a certain difference with amount declared.
  • Import goods are collected tax in accordance with the name or the volume and "imported articles dutiable value table of People's Republic of China" released by the General Administration of Customs.
  • The tax rates are as follows: 30% of electronic products, 15% of food, 60% of alcohol and tobacco, 30% of clothing / fabric / leather, 30% of shoes, 30% to 60% of watch, bijouterie & cosmetics, 30% of health auxiliary supplies/ appliances, 3% of kitchen supplies, 15% of furniture, 15% of book / stationery / instruments, and 30% bicycles, etc.
Points for attention
  • Demurrage: if customs clearance materials are not prepared in advance, it will lead to DEMURRAGE CHG (baggage storage fee)
  • Service range: after the removal of the package, electronic products, furniture, etc. will be placed on where your request and the small luggage and items will be put in the room or location you specify.
  • If there are others or friends' luggage, please confirm the number in the location or housing first and then sort goods.
Arrangement of baggage items
  • Location confirmation: Record the location or room of the item in advance on the list of goods from the starting place.
  • Post room number by writing on A4 paper to the corresponding items room door. For example: room 1, room 2, room 3, etc.
  • Personnel arrangements: in order to confirm the number of luggage and placement, it'd better to have two staffs on the scene.
  • Arrangement to enter the door: when delivery personnel arrive the door, please specify the room location and the location of large luggage
  • Before entering the door, if you need to move the original items in the room, please show the points in advance.
  • It needs to move to the guest house timely when the luggage arrive, so in order to prevent the damage, our staff will work directly with shoes.
  • Carry on baggage to the corresponding room / location.
  • Show the points in advance about the luggage remove the packing or do not open the luggage.
  • Breakage / lost goods confirmation (from the date of distribution, 30 working days of the insurance period)
  • After all items are placed, please sign on the delivery confirmation.
  • The packaging waste generated after the second finishing, please put in a good classification on the residential garbage classification.