Office Moving

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Security without damage the office supplies, computer, electronic machines and other transportation to the prescribed places, reduce business blank period for you
Office moving procedure
  • Determine the moving plan: Search the minimum business discrepancies planning based on operational condition and total amount of goods.
Submission of quotation
  • Field visit: Determine the date of moving, operating range, operational condition, amount of goods, list of all assets.
  • Submit the quotation: Properly reflect the cost of packaging material, packaging/remover and vehicle
Draw up the plan
  • Packaging based on departments and moving arrangement: Select the principal of the department, requisite amount of packaging material and date. Make sure that the elevator is available. Discuss the moving time.
  • Submit the detailed schedule.
  • Submit the packaging material sample to customers.
Operation description
  • Call up the departmental principal: Explain the moving plan and conduct supervision.
  • Packaging skill. Send the packaging material: Packaging skill and item identification paste method.
  • Please coordinate time and plan in advance if you need professional disassembly and assembly services
Interior packaging of the customer company
  • Get the packaging material: Distribute packaging material to different departments
  • Document packaging: Documents in the office table and articles in the file boxes should be put in the carton boxes.
  • PC packaging: Individually package the host and displayer of PC.
  • Paste the item identification label: Mark the destination, department and principal and paste the label.
Packaging of the remover
  • The office furniture are packaged by our packaging team.
  • According to customer requirements for packaging
  • Special goods need to separate packing
Moving operation
  • Passageway strengthening: Install guard plate inside and outside the elevator and the passageway.
  • Move out/ move in: Guarantee the position of the elevator and the parking.
  • Goods moving: Guarantee the operational passage. Remove the barriers. Guarantee the loading and unloading space.
  • Items placed will be according to the items put table
Acceptance inspection/Payment
  • Confirm the completion of the moving: Organize and arrange everything in order. Confirm A/S items.
  • Payment: Pay the labor remuneration