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How long before my trip should customers contact the international move logistics company?
How do you apply for access to quote?
How long does it take to move overseas?
How is the price of overseas move determined?
Is custody of goods service offered, when moving out of the house in the near future ?
Is home delivery offered overseas move if the address has not been set?
What services does the luggage transportation cost includes?
How do you confirm the cubic number of baggage(CBM)?
How is the settlement method of overseas move?
Can it issue tax list and invoice or not?
Can the rest of luggage after international move realize domestic move or not?
How much luggage should in overseas move?
Which items can not carry?
What does the customer need to prepare on the day of the move?
Will Luggage be damaged/lost or not? Will it have influence or not in rainy (snowy) day?
Where can I buy the fixed bolt of rolling washing machine?
Can I put quilt/clothes in the compression bag?
How can I prepare for packaging luggage?
Will customers package in their own or not?
How long does it take usually in the luggage packing?
How much packaging clerks will be present?
How is the catering arrangement for packaging clerks?
Door to door service, and whether all-round placement service is provided as domestic move?
Is not luggage damage or lost?
How can it be paid if the luggage is damaged or lost ?
How long does it take for insurance claims?