The path we have followed
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2015 │Year
  • Guangzhou branch is established
  • Attend the annual meeting of the IAM in San Diego
2014 │Year
  • Chongqing branch is established
  • IAM Core Member registration
2013 │Year
  • Xi An branch is established(西安)
  • Cooperate with XIAN high-tech zone investment committee
2011 │Year
  • Qingdao branch is established(青岛)
2009 │Year
  • Attend small and medium-sized enterprises meeting in HongKong
  • Into the Shenzhen office local corporation
2008 │Year
  • Specified as huizhou cooperative enterprises in guangdong province
  • Set up accounting company in Hong Kong and acquisition of ANDREW c. AK
2007 │Year
  • Shenzhen professional technician college "selected scholarships and employment support enterprise"
  • Seoul branch is established
  • Shanghai branch is established
  • Tianjin branch is established
2006 │Year
  • University of south Korean technology education "intern with designated enterprise"
2005 │Year
  • Access to small and medium enterprises in the revitalization of industrial areas designated as a "private overseas support center"
2004 │Year
  • Nanjing branch is established
2003 │Year
  • Beijing branch is established
1998 │Year
  • Shenzhen branch is established
1997 │Year
  • To set up the UNI-WORLD TRADING CO., LDT(Hong Kong)
1993 │Year
  • To set up the UNI-WORLD SERVICES (Hong Kong )