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Preparation for moving overseas
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Introduction to preparation content in overseas move
※ As for the international move clearance procedures and schedule required, please consult the branch in your area.
International luggage volume and accredited personnel supported company range.

  • Each company internal supported range is according to the company's internal rules, and the contracts will vary. Please consult the management of company for details.
  • In general condition, the company supported range contains all costs required for a 20FT container and baggage insurance.
  • The company does not support the following items
    Carrying capacity exceeds the capacity of container loading,
    Large decomposition line furniture, sophisticated IKEA furniture, br> Distribute in legal holidays,
    Settle to the door service (sundries finishing),
    Long-term trust of luggage,
    Demurrage charge for customs clearance.
    In the case of the above, the company generally will not give support.
  • Spot distribution scope includes: after the removal of packaging of electronic products, furniture, etc., and place them in the place where you request, put the small luggage and items in the room or location you specify.
  • If you can not predict the volume of luggage to be carried, please contact with our company in advance.
Preparation for moving

The day of the packaging
  • Please give details of the articles need to be packaged to the packaging team after they arrive.
  • Please ask the property to issue the permits to go out in advance if you live in apartment. Please contact the landlord or intermediary agent if you live in rental housing.
  • Pull the plugs of all the electronic products and arrange them in order. Please distinguish with things of the landlord if you live in a rental housing.
  • Sign on the insurance application and the list of items and take the copy back after packaging.
The day before the packaging
  • Please label the large cargoes (furniture, electronic products) not need to be packaged with removable paper tape or sticky note.
  • Please pull the plug of the refrigerator a day in advance and clear away the water spots.
  • The food opened cannot be packaged if it is not dry product. Please classify the food in advance.
  • Please classify the small groceries not packed into other space.
  • Classify separately valuables, cash, passport, seals and air tickets.
  • All the clothes and quilts should be completely dried in the sun.
  • Please remove all the water spots of the water tank of humidifier, kettle and washing machine.
  • Clean up after remove all stuff in the refrigerator .
  • Confirm the unpaid charge of electricity, water, gas and property.
  • Confirm the articles need to be insured and insured amount (expensive articles, furniture, electronic products, kitchenware and ornaments)
Packaging a week ago
  • Customer who wants to clear customs in China should confirm the valid date of the passport (it is requested to live in China at least one year) and send it to us.
  • The school admission documents of the children should be prepared before go abroad.
  • Determine the articles not to be taken.
  • Remove the soil, dust and mildew on the sporting goods.
  • Please buy transformers in case that the voltage and frequency of the electronic products bought locally are different.
  • Cancel regular weekly and milk.
  • Return articles need to be returned.
  • Confirm the local residential address and contact information.