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Insurance application
Necessity of insurance during good delivery in moving
  • The packaging is different between overseas moving and domestic moving. After packaging, the packaged goods should experience several steps such as warehouse storage, container loading, overseas shipment and customs inspection, which takes a lot of time.
  • Due to different climate and environment, it is possible to turn hot and wet inside the container.
  • Please choose insurance application to prevent the damage, loss, breakage due to force majeure.
Insuring Method
  • As accredited personnel, the company will support usually, and there will be some difference in accordance with the terms of the contract, please consult the local management department or company for details. But the extra cost of insurance beyond the scope of the company needs to be assumed by the customer. At the same time the damage caused without additional insurance needs to be assumed by customers themselves.
  • When accident (loss / damage) occurs, the appropriate compensation can be provided only in the scope of the reinsurance.
  • The customer cannot get compensation for the uninsured goods.
  • Items not included in the range of coverage: precious metals, bijouterie, food, agricultural products, alcohol, money, negotiable securities, antiques, paintings and other items are not covered, so we recommend they'd better to carry on their own by the customer.
  • If you reconfirm the occurrence of damage to the items, after you have confirmed that all items on the list do not have any problem, and it will not be incorporated into the scope of insurance. Therefore, when receiving luggage items, please carefully confirm the loss / damage.
  • As for the luggage without external damage / loss when arriving at the destination, or the baggage damage / loss due to poor operating or not recorded in the list, all will unable to get insurance payments.
    ※ Insuring Tip : Book, common clothes, bedding, stainless steel kitchen ware that are less likely to be damaged can be priced lower, while the high-priced electronic products, glasswork, furniture with high percentage of damage can be priced higher, which is an effective insuring method. (Food, cash, gemstones, precious metal cannot be insured. Hand carry is necessary.)
Insurance processing when goods are damaged or lost
  • The baggage loss / damage occurred during the international move, can get the corresponding compensation by the insurance contract of carriage of marine cargo.
  • Customers need to fill in the complaint confirmation provided by our company and documents of claims offered by insurance companies.
  • Take photo that can prove the damage and send the photo to the related staff.
  • We can ask related department to repair the goods if they can be repaired. The owner can get compensation with the voucher of the repair.
  • If it cannot be repaired, the compensation will be given to the owner according to the depreciated goods value.
  • If the goods lost, the owner will get compensation after confirm with the related staff in the same way for the unrepairable goods.
  • Insurance compensation is not available within 30 days after moving.
  • The insurance company receives the application only for one each year. Therefore please take full use of the time to confirm the item condition and then determine the application.
  • After receiving the insurance application, the insurance company transfer the compensation to the customer’s bank account after checking the document.