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Fine Art/Exhibition Moving Sevice
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Moving Dreams, Hopes and Memories
To make a beautiful meeting, to keep eternal friendship for ever.
Fine Art Moving
  • Packaging of artwork, gallery, exhibition goods
  • Inner packing and Wooden Crate
  • nce as well as insuring for customers.
  • ATA Carnet customs clearance and general customs clearance
  • Business related to Fine Art
Exhibittions Moving
  • Provide transportation service for enterprises to go broad for exhibition, performance or participating in sports activity to package the goods, artworks, performance articles, instruments and broadcast equipment.
  • 기업/단체의 제품, 공연물품, 악기 및 방송장비 등의 운송을 위한 서비스
  • Choose the optimistic packaging and high-efficient transportation to guarantee the performance schedule.