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Moving From China To Overseas
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Professional system and expert staff whether it is in the world can provide safe transport door to door service
Uni - the World is the core member of IAM.(IAM - International Association of Movers. To provide you with more security and stability of international moving services
Ⅰ.Query and quotation
1.Free quote and consulting
  • Telephone counseling or online quote
2.Consultation reservation
  • Staff of Uni-World introduce the overseas immigration goods delivery schedule, local customs clearance,  preparation before packaging and reserve free visiting consultation by phone.
3.Visiting consultation and quotation
  • Staff of Uni-World visit the customer’s residence and estimate the expense according to the quantity of the goods. Understand  the packaging operational environment and reserve the packaging schedule as well as provide related information. Submit the quotation.
II.Departure in China
1.Visiting residence packaging
  • The field staff carry out visiting packaging according to the reservation.
  • The staff submit full coverage insurance to the insurance company according to the insurance application filled by the customer.
3.Domestic transportation
  • In order to transport overseas, the inland transport reach the customs CY(Container Yard) under governance.
4.Export customs clearance
  • Use the document prepared by the customer and our company to clear export customs.
  • Ship the goods
III.Shipping transport
1.The shipped goods set out to the destination.
2.The required time for shipment.
  • Inchon/Busan South Korea: about 3-6 days
  • LA U.S.: about 11-13 days
  • New York, U.S.: about 22-24 days
  • Vancouver Canada: about 14-15 days
  • Toronto Canada: about 14 days + 7 daytime
  • New Zealand: about 17-20 days
  • UK and Europe: about 30-40 days
  • Central &South America: 35-45 days
※ The above schedule takes FCL container as baseline. Not applicable for LCL.
IV.Arrival of destination country
1.Arrival notice
  • Shipping company at the destination →notice of arrival of overseas subsidiary or agent
2.Local import customs clearance
  • Use the document prepared by the customer and local agent to go through the customs.
3.Local delivery
  • House-delivery after customs clearance
  • House storage (There are differences in service according to the contract condition)
  • Get the delivery completion confirmation from the customer after completing service.
  • Confirm whether the goods damage and apply insurance.