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Guide Domestic Moving / Local Moving In China
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Korean Style Moving Service
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Service Procedure
Orgin Packaging
  • From packing to arrange all items by the UNI - WORLD.
  • Ask the customer to store away the valuables and fragile goods one day in advance.
  • The packaging team prepares the special box for moving and packages goods for safe transportation
  • It is the same for domestic moving customer and the international moving customer. They receive the item list and keep properly.
  • Moving means carrying out moving out operation from the elevator or the stairway.
  • Use the cart to carry out loading operation after moving out. Move to the destination and carry out unloading operation.
  • Move out of the goods will be shipped to the destination
  • After the goods arrive began to warehouse operation.
Finishing operations
  • Destination finishing operations means that place the electronic products and furniture at the corresponding places and small groceries at the designated spot by the customer.
  • The staff of the local subsidiary of UNI-WORLD take charge of finishing operations.